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Money Making Guide:
There are many ways to make money but the most common are;
Getting 25-30 dragon bones and selling them for 1 phat (phat can sell for 2bil)
Killing 50 players at PK arena (or anywhere)
Killing Dragons and selling their drops
(Black, steel and king black dragons are the best-
Black- black (G) legs or black (G) kite can sell 1-2phats
Steel- initiate legs can sell 1-2phats
KBD- dragon bow, 2h, square piece (left or right), full helmet can sell 1phat
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PKing equipment:
PKing is Unscape's Native Sport. If you don't know what to wear...I'll tell you...
Mage: Not sooo great for PKing but good for holding opponents off
Phat, Practically Anything but try and wear Magic Cape (Magic Cape can give free runes)
Range: Great for far distance fighting
Phat, full black d'hide, crystal bow (don't EVER bother buying a dragon bow as they are SLOW and crap)
Melee: The best type for PKing
Phat, Dharock's top, black (G) legs or initiate legs and DDS (if you don't mind trading speed for more power, than get any Godsword)
NOTE: Should wear Warrior ring, Fury amulet, Black boots (or climbing boots), Black gloves, Obby shield and if u can try and wear a Fire cape
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Combat Training:
The way to train is too...train!
The best way is to teleport using Ancient Magicks (to use Ancients', you must complete the Ancient Magic Quest)
Keep clicking on the books at Training till level 54 then start using the teleports' with ancient magic
Range is the easiest to train 'cause you can train it ANYWHERE! Even in the PK arena
Best place to train is at the dragons (great if you can freeze then range them)
Melee is risky but very strong
DDS is the best for training especially if you are weak
Start at Train and level up to the 90's then try and train at dragons
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